Make God Bigger – Day 1

Make God Bigger – Day 1

Journal Page


Back in Bible times, names had real meaning.  They expressed a lot about the nature and character of a person.  For example, after He promised Abram that He would make him the Father of Many Nations, God changed his name to Abraham.  His name went from “Exalted Father” to “Father of a Multitude.”

God is too big for only one name.  Throughout the Bible, the character and nature of God is revealed through many names.  In our quest to make God bigger in our own estimation, we will explore the meaning of some of them as well as look at Scriptures that illustrate the characteristic of God’s nature embodied in that name.

In study, I find it helpful to look up verses and write them out.  This gives me time to mediate on them and to hear from God regarding their application to my life.  I’ve included journal pages for you to download which include space to write other verses He may lead you to as you contemplate those given in the study. If it is a long passage, you may choose to write down only the verses that the Holy Spirit brings to your attention.

My prayer for you and for myself as we go through this study is that we will realize what a big God we serve, that we come to know and love Him more and more, and that He will begin to show us the power and authority He has conveyed to us through Christ and what this means for us during this special time in history.  “Bold” and “fearless” are two words I want to be associated with more and more!

I would love to hear your thoughts and insights, so please take time to share them in the comments!


The first name that God inspired the writer of Genesis to assign to His person is “Elohim,” and it appears in the first line of the book, “In the beginning, God.” The word means “supreme or mighty one”.  The interesting thing about this word is that it is the plural form as if Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were declaring from the beginning, “We are One.”

The name or it’s derivative “El” appears many times in the Bible.  Sources suggest there are 2,570 references to the name Elohim in the Bible, including all mention of God in the creation story.  It is a generic title, also used in the Bible to describe powerful earthly rulers.  Used as the name of God, it sets the tone to view Him as the Over Lord and Creator, hinting at His Triune nature, but leaving much to be discovered!

Genesis 1:1 – Genesis 2:4

Jeremiah 30:22

Psalm 36:7

Other verses:


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