Part of the challenge of the past six weeks or so has been the sense of a complete lack of control over almost all aspects of life.  The coronavirus has killed more than 62,000 people in the US as of this writing, but it’s toll on the human spirit has been much higher.  I have faith in God and faith in mankind’s will to rise above a crippling blow, and that gives me confidence for the future, but we have been injured in many ways.  Triage is required and plans must be made for treatment and recovery!

Part of that plan is public.  The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a need for changes to the healthcare system, more bi-partisan cooperation in the face of crises, and less drama and divisiveness from the press.  These are open for public debate and each person’s response and opinion is bound to differ. Another part of the recovery plan, however, is personal and is under the power of the individual.  We may not, as we have been so forcibly reminded, be able to control our circumstances, but we can control your response.

As the states are beginning to open for business, I feel the need for personal renewal.  I need light and fresh air and new vistas.  I need a plan!  How about you?  What areas of life have you neglected or damaged during the lock-down?  Here are some of my own, perhaps you can relate.

  1. Mind set: The past few weeks have given new meaning to the term “double minded.”  My emotions were on a roller-coaster of faith and fear.  Like a roller-coaster, climbing high on Bible promises and worship songs, plummeting quickly on a downward slope of news stories.
  2. Health: While I have walked more than usual for something to do as well as exercise, my eating choices have not been so good.  While I’ve held the line of my weight pretty well (not perfectly!), too many chips and comfort foods and not enough vegetables and protein have affected my sense of well-being.  My routine could use more strength training and stretching.
  3. Ambition: Social distancing disrupted many of my activities.  Prior to the shutdown, I was participating in several ministry activities.  Zoom meetings don’t inspire me and so some of my zeal for those things has waned.  At my job—which I am blessed to keep—volume has slowed to a trickle and it is a challenge to use the newly-found time to best advantage for development and other positive activities.  I did rediscover my love of writing, though, and I want to do more of that, so it must be included in the plan.
  4. I have worked from home, assisting folks over the telephone, for a while.  Now I have been stuck at home on my off hours.  Beauty shops closed.  Nail shops closed.  Do I need to say more?  It’s sad!

It’s time to pull out all my credentials, i.e., esthetician, certified fitness and nutrition coach, pastoral counselor and life coach, as well as those of my sisters–one of whom is an RN and Holistic Nutrition Coach and the other a yoga instructor—in order to put together my Renewal Plan.  In the coming days and weeks, I’ll report back to you with details.  Perhaps you can pick up an idea or two for your own plan to take these lemons we’ve been handed and make us some lemonade!

By the way, writing that paragraph about my mindset gave me a clue about where to start changing that!  More Truth…fewer “facts”!  You can learn more about this idea in this great message by John Stickl from Valley Creek Church (the entire video is great, but the message starts at about 15 minutes).

Where do you need help?  What advice can you give?  We’re all in this alone, yet together!

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