What Do You Do for Amazement?

What Do You Do for Amazement?

I was asked this question today in a tongue-in-cheek way.  The questioner was trying, in a less predictable and more humorous way, to find out a bit about me.

Do you hate the question, “What do you like to do for fun,” as much as I do? Rather than my answer revealing the unique and sparkling personality I wish to present, it feels as if it highlights just how banal my life really is.  How do I fill those odd moments when I want to let my brain go slack and find a quiet space?  My go-to amusements are TV and mindless wondering through thrift stores hunting the momentary thrill of treasure. Even worse, YouTube videos about other people thrift shopping are often on my TV lineup.  But, amusements are, by definition, only pleasant diversions from the real business of life, so it shouldn’t be surprising that mine are so boring.

But this new question–what do I do for amazement– that’s a different matter altogether and asks for a glimpse into my soul, even though I suspect this person may not have realized the depth of his query.

So, what amazes me?

First and foremost, Jesus.  He is an endless source of astonishment and the number one thing I do for amazement is to spend time with Him.  Perhaps the most surprising thing about Him is that whenever I turn my attention His way, He is there waiting with a smile.  He is God of All, the Most High, Priest and Advocate for the whole world, and yet He is as close and personal to me as I desire.  When I walk out into the beautiful world He has made, He is there to point out the tiniest wildflowers and the hidden outcropping of delicate toadstools sprouting after a rain.  He sits with me on my couch whenever I pick up my devotional books and open my Bible app—often leaning over my shoulder to point out something truly startling or helping me to see a new application of a familiar passage.  He rides along to work, my Shield and Right guard.  He makes His wisdom and help available all through the day. He watches as I sleep peacefully, confident of His love and protection.  More than anything or anyone, Jesus is what lights me up and amazes me!

Second on my list are my girlies–my beautiful daughter and young granddaughters, ages two and five.  Observing my daughter’s patience and wisdom as she parents these two along with her husband is incredible.  Watching the little ones grow and learn, deciphering their thought processes and attempts at the English language is enthralling.  Even their tantrums and quirks teach me and help me to grow.  They keep me humble with their observations: “Granda (their version of Grandma), you’re old!”  Amazing.

The third source of amazement in my life is my role as an esthetician and massage therapist.  It is astonishing that I am able, through attention and touch, to make such a wonderful contribution to tired, weary folks. The shift in their outlook and their gratitude blesses me so much.

Of course, the second and third options for my astonishment circle right back to Number One because these are only more proof of God’s love and care for me.  Every good and perfect gift comes from Him and He is the one who imbues me with talents and opportunities to bless others!  So, thank you to the person who put me in mind of all these gifts by taking the time to reframe a tired old question in a brand-new way!


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