God is There When You Call

God is There When You Call

Sweet Jesus,

Life is unpredictable, but you are not! You are steadfast and reliable. I never know what a day might bring, but I know you will always be there, loving me and making lemonade from my lemons! Protecting and providing even in a hard situation.

Yesterday I had one of those situations. My car was hit by a woman who failed to yield the right of way at a 4-way stop near my house. She clipped my back tire, spinning me around and launching my small car over the curb. It was surreal. Brakes don’t seem to work when you are airborne! My front tire was blown out by the impact and the rear one tilts at a precarious angle. Who knows what widgets and gadgets are busted on the inside.

No one was hurt, but I never made it to the post office, the grocery store, the bank…all the little plans I had for the day were suddenly arrested by circumstances. It gave me pause to think of the folks in similar situations whose plans are permanently interrupted and I am grateful for only a temporary inconvenience. I am also thankful that my daughter and granddaughters weren’t with me as they frequently are.

In your goodness, you sent angels of mercy to help me! One of my neighbors and his wife, were my good Samaritans. I thought it was just a flat and had called for an emergency tire change. The truck was far away and would take a while to arrive. This saint changed the tire and his wife pointed out the slant on the back wheel which would make driving dangerous. They insisted on following me home to make sure I was safe. The strange whirring sound in the engine and the scraping on the back tire made me glad for the escort!

This was just today’s adventure in a world gone crazy, my little tragedy magnified by a world with no rental cars, no auto parts, no workers. We’ll see where it goes from here, but I will trust You!

A couple of days ago You showed me this verse during my quiet time:

If your faith is not enduring, you will not endure.” – Isaiah 7:9b (GNT)

I copied it on a card and stuck it on the frig. Thank you that you know the end from the beginning and you always prepare the way! While this accident qualifies as a “light momentary affliction” (2 Corinthians 4:17),” it serves as a reminder that you are always there, always in control!

Thank you!


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