No Need to Mince Words with God!

No Need to Mince Words with God!

In the Bible, the Psalms get very real.  They express the nitty gritty of the person’s true fears and emotions as they struggle to find God in the middle of their circumstances.  They often begin with tears, doubts, and frustrations, but as the author works through his pain and centers himself on the One who can change circumstances by the power of His being, the mood changes, the light dawns, and he leaves his burden with God, going away with a lighter heart.  The assurance of God’s involvement and help in the situation has changed the writer.

The Psalm that has captured my attention lately is Psalm 73.  It is written by Asaph who was a Levite Priest assigned by David as a worship leader.  His concerns echo mine.  He sees evil liars prospering and it doesn’t make sense.  He intones, “I envied the proud when I saw them prosper despite their wickedness. They seem to live such painless lives; their bodies are so healthy and strong. They don’t have troubles like other people; they’re not plagued with problems like everyone else (v.3-5 NLT).”  He wonders why he bothers to serve God at all when these people receive all the perks.  Aren’t there days when you feel this way, too?   But as Asaph continues in his reasoning before God, his mind begins to clear, “Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and I finally understood the destiny of the wicked (v.17).”  He realizes that he has been “foolish and ignorant—like a senseless animal.”  He begins to praise God and all His benefits. He sees that the evil will surely perish, but those who trust in and hold on to God will have the joy of His presence forever.

As we seek contentment, we need to write our own Psalms.  God isn’t threatened by our doubts and fears.  He can take our anger and frustration.  The important thing is to bring these feelings to Him and let Him show us the truth.  As we rehearse His goodness in our own verses, our hearts are lifted, and our joy is returned.

As I sought God’s clarity and comfort today in the middle of these crazy times, I wrote this Psalm as a reminder of His goodness in the world and my life.  I share it in hopes that it helps you to see Him as I did in the middle of my mess whatever you are facing right now.

Good morning, My Jesus!  How grateful I am to have You as my friend, my provider, my protector. You are ever and always good.  You control the wind and the waves.  You are shelter in the storm.  Nothing can surprise you, defeat you, or shake you up!

You decree a thing, and it comes to pass.  All my days were written in Your book before one came to be. You formed me in my mother’s womb because you wanted me.  You gifted me with your image, and You placed eternity in my heart. 

You have made yourself plain in a flowers, the stars, and the vast ocean, so that I couldn’t miss your glory even if I had been born alone on a desert island or distant mountain top!  You sent prophets and apostles to tell your story and—best of all—you came to earth as a humble servant to bring the message yourself. 

You died to show how much you love me and you rose from death to remove its power over all who believe.

You sent Your Holy Spirit full of Your wisdom, power, and love so that all You are is as close as my own heartbeat and breath.  You have proved in every way that You are on my side and because of that nothing can defeat me, nothing can ever separate me from You and Your love.

How could I ever, in an eternity of praise and thanksgiving ever show the depth of my gratitude?

What Psalm would you write today?


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