God Loves You. Really.

God Loves You. Really.

Today I have a special message just for you:

GOD Loves YOU!

I don’t know what is going on in your life, but Jesus does, and He cares deeply.

I was prompted to share this with you today as I was reminded of a time a few years ago when He sent someone with this message for me.

I was coming out of an abusive relationship.  I had been treated as less than nothing by this person and his message had been driven deep into my heart and mind.  Add to that my own condemnation over the breakup and for even allowing myself to be in the situation.  As someone who loves God and pursues relationship with Him, I felt I had messed up and let Him down.  He had big plans for me to be a witness for Him and here I was again—in need of a witness myself.

Clinging to hope that I could still be used by Him to help others, I attended a Christian Life Coaching Seminar.  During the introductory session, members of the church, which has a prophetic ministry, passed among the class members with rocks embossed with descriptive terms.  It was explained that they were praying as they went through the room and distributed the stones as they felt lead by the Lord.

Mine read, “Loved.”

My initial reaction was to scoff.  Just a cliché undoubted repeated across the room. 

As the participants tearfully shared the word on the rocks they had received and how God met them at their point of need, there were many words: “Brave,” “Wise,” and others.  Mine was the only one that carried this word for me. It broke my heart to realize how personal that message was.  None of His intentions or plans for me had changed.  He wanted me to know.

If your first impulse is to roll your eyes and think, “Yeah, God loves everybody.  So what?” Stop.  Realize that He sees you.  He knows your struggles and He cares.  He still has great plans for you.  You are not disqualified.  It’s not too late.  You were chosen for such a time as this.  All His promises, His power, and His resources are behind you.

You are loved.


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