Don’t Miss Christmas!

Don’t Miss Christmas!

We all sense it—the seismic shift in reality that is taking place all around us.  The very ground beneath our feet seems to be shaking.  Nothing feels the same.

But one thing will never change!  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  His Word is eternal (Isaiah 40:8).  Once He declares a thing, it will come to pass.

After the prophet Isaiah was told to remind the people that God’s promises do not change, He instructs him to give the following message, “Tell the towns of Judah, ‘Your God is coming!’” (Isaiah 40:9).

Just like the days before the first Christmas, it is hard to hold on to the promise that Jesus is coming.  Even if we believe He will, we don’t expect to see it in our lifetime.  It’s been so long. It feels like we’ll carry our burdens forever. Besides, is there a rapture?  Will it be pre-trib?  Post-trib? Mid-trib?  More questions than answers about the days when Jesus will return.  Easier just to live as if it’s all too far off to worry or wonder about.

But if you stop and take the pulse of the world, there’s an electricity in the air that says, “Soon! And Very Soon!”  There’s a new sense of expectancy that we will see our Savior return in our lifetime, even as we shake our heads at the incredibility of the thought.

When the babe was laid in the manager, life was going on as it always did.  People were bustling to comply with the government’s latest scheme—traveling to their hometowns to be counted for some crazy, keep-track-of-everybody census.  Shepherds were left out in the fields to tend the sheep.  Inn keepers were counting their windfall profits and stuffing folks into every conceivable spot to make a buck.  Nobody but a few Wise Men noticed all this as the stars aligning to proclaim the birth of a Savior!

Let’s not miss the true joy of Christmas!  Let every twinkling light, every ringing bell be a reminder that Christ came, Christ will come again!  Just as they did to proclaim His first arrival, the stars are lining up! Let’s be among the wise men who follow their Light full of expectancy that we will find Him!


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