Make God Bigger – Day 28

Make God Bigger – Day 28

Di ou ta Panta – My Everything

We have been magnifying the Lord by studying different facets of His character as expressed in His many names, but one of the best ways to make God bigger is to remember all He has done for you and to express gratitude for His many blessings.

In my own life, I can clearly see His hand.  My parents were frustrated by several years of infertility after their first child was born. The story goes that, during this time, my older sister had a visitation from God.  My mother said a bright light and a profound peace came over the house.  When the light left, my then-five-year-old sister came running from her room declaring she had spoken to God.  Soon my mom was pregnant!  That was my interpretation of the story anyway—my sister may see it differently! 

No matter how you or I were conceived, we can know that we were known and planned by God.  Psalm 139 extols the wonders of His knowledge of and care for us even in the womb.  He saw and recorded a beautiful life story for each person before they were ever born (v.16).  There was no accident or mistake in my birth or yours.  You were wanted and planned by God for “such a time as this.”  We were born at the exact time and place in “His-story” that He destined for us (Esther 4:14) and we have a special role to play.  We can be grateful for life itself.

I am thankful for His grace.  When I look back on the choices I’ve made and the logical consequences of those hair-brained decisions, I am more than thankful for His mercy.  Galations 6:7 tells us that God is not mocked; we reap what we sow.  That is true, but He has stayed with me in every thorny mess and shown me the way to new fields—and never gives up on me when I make a mess of those, too!

He placed me in a wonderful family.  My parents are in heaven waiting for me, but they knew Jesus and they made sure that I did, too.  My sisters, their families, my own daughter and her family are wonderful blessings in my life that God uses everyday to make my life rich and full.  Many wonderful friends have added their own joy.

I have everything I need, and I know He is right there with me when times are tough.  I am grateful for all His promises to me.  He will never leave me.  He will protect and provide.

He made a way for me to know Him, and He has planned a beautiful eternity for me and all of us who love Him—and it will take every second of it to express our love and appreciation for all He has done!

Better start now!

1 Corinthians 8:6

Philippians 4:6

1 Chronicles 16:34

What do these verses show you about the nature of God?

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