Make God Bigger – Day 24

Make God Bigger – Day 24

Magowr Chay Mayim – Fountain of Living Waters

God describes Himself as the Fountain of Living Water, the source of Life.  Jesus explained in John 7:37-39 that this Living Water is available to all who come to Him.  The Holy Spirit takes up permanent residence in our hearts and this stream flows through us, bringing life to everything it touches.

One day, Jesus went out of His way to meet a lonely woman parched by a dry life of uncertainty (John 4:1-41).  After five different husbands, she was trying to find some security with a man who did not offer her the respectability and protection of marriage.  She came to the well in the heat of the day, it is often said, to avoid the gossip and side-eye of the other women.  She was doing her best to get by—to satisfy that thirsty place inside.

Sometimes we are like this woman, trying to get by on buckets of water we draw ourselves, when there is a never-ending supply of fresh, rushing Life available for the asking.

In Jeremiah 2:13, God chastises His children saying they have forsaken Him – the Spring of Living Water– preferring to drink from their own broken down, leaky cisterns.  In Isaiah 55:1-2 He invites them to drink their fill of milk and wine with no obligation to pay and wonders why they waste money on food and drink that can never satisfy when such a rich bounty is available at no cost.

The Samaritan woman was not so foolish.  Her questions and comments to Jesus show that she had been looking to dry religion to fill her cistern, but kept coming up empty.  When she heard the Good News from Jesus, she opened her heart to let this deluge begin to flow and, as it always does, the life-giving water ran downstream. This woman, who only moments before was an outcast, avoiding the gaze of her neighbors, now bubbled over with life that flowed to her entire village.

God is a big, powerful, unending Fountain of Living Water.  When we accept Him, this Life begins to flow through us and out into this thirsty world!

Jeremiah 2:13

Isaiah 55:1-2

John 7:37-39

What do these verses show you about the nature of God?

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