Make God Bigger – Day 15

Make God Bigger – Day 15

El Olam – The Everlasting God, The Eternal God

Yes, grass withers and flowers fade, but the word of our God endures forever (Isaiah 40:8 GNT).

It was Abraham in Genesis 21:33 that first named God El Olam, the Eternal God.  How comforting in a world where everything is shifting under our feet to know that God is forever the Rock underneath it all.

I recently had experience with shifting sand.  I went to the Texas coast and was walking along the surf.  When I stopped to look out at the waves, they would break against my ankles and as the water rushed back into the sea, it would drag the sand from under my feet, causing me to lose my balance.

Circumstances throughout life shift and change, throwing us off balance and threatening to pull us under, but Jesus told us in Matthew 7:24-27 that His words are solid ground.  He compared heeding and obeying God’s word to building your house on a rock.  It will stand.  Nothing else provides firm footing.

John 1:1 says God and His Word are one.  They cannot be separated.  His decrees are an expression of Himself.  He is eternal and we can take His promises to the bank (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Isaiah 40:28-29 (GNT):

“Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?

The Lord is the everlasting God;

  he created all the world.

He never grows tired or weary.

  No one understands his thoughts.

He strengthens those who are weak and tired.”

If you are weak and tired today, He will hold you up!

Isaiah 40:8

Isaiah 40:28-29

Psalm 48:14

What do these verses show you about the nature of God?

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