40 Day Journey to Joy – Day 32

Today you get permission to do all the things you love to do.  No more worrying about your weaknesses either.   

According to Tom Newberry on Day 32 of 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life, that is God’s intention for you.  You were created to play a special place in His plan for history.  You were gifted with talents, skills, and experiences that are preparing you to step into your destiny.  God is collaborative, so He’s created others that perfectly fit with your giftings to get things done for His Kingdom.  Working together with others to fulfilling your role is where your greatest joy lies. 

Too often we spend our time trying to shore up our weaknesses.  It starts in school, Newberry says.  When you were good at math—or whatever subject you excelled in—you got a pat on the head.  Mess up in English and that’s where you’re required to spend your time, bringing up that grade instead of developing and exploring your strength.  Because of this, we often give up on learning all together.  It’s no fun to put all your efforts into something that doesn’t capture your imagination or stir up your desire to know more, do more.  As adults, we become endless self-improvement projects.  Instead of allowing God to polish and perfect the best in us, we’re always trying to fix the stuff we don’t like. 

Newberry states that, “When you engage in activities that demand your special talent, your brain releases chemicals that trigger within you a sense of satisfaction and significance as an incentive for you to continue in this area.”  When we imagine God’s plan for our lives, we are often too scared to offer ourselves to Him completely, thinking that He intends to send us to Africa or something.  Maybe that sounds wonderful to you and if so, maybe it is His plan for you, but if it doesn’t, then most likely that isn’t your destination.  Remember, Paul (Saul) was a religious zealot long before he used this character trait to evangelize the world for Jesus.  His assignment fit his talents and personality.

What do you love to do?  What are you good at?  What would you do even if nobody paid you one dime to do it?  Most likely, that’s more of God’s intention toward you.  The lesson for Day 32 is that the more we engage in our strengths, the more we crystallize our ultimate vision and the greater things God can do through us. 

That’s good news!  Especially in these crazy times.  The exercise for Day 32 is to identify three areas where you shine and to then identify what you could do in the next month to better deploy your strengths in the world.  The world could certainly use your strengths and your joy during the COVID 19 crisis.   

How might God use your strengths to advance His work in your home, your community and the world this month? 

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